owls_flight (owls_flight) wrote in prophotos_ru,

О портретах

Коллекция женских портретов разных авторов и разных лет.

Misty, 2005, from Alex Soth’s Niagara  series

© Billy Plummer

None Ethnie © Julien Dumas

Abbas, Portrait de Shabnam Moghadammi. Iran, Téhéran, 2003

Anka Zhuravleva

(c) Oleg Dou

Paolo Pellegrin

Maria Casares in Orphée directed by Jean Cocteau, 1950

Bruce Weber, Keren Love Francois, Golden Beach, Florida 2010

Richard Learoyd – Jasmijn In Floral Shirt, 2008

Judy Garland in A Star is Born directed by George Cukor, 1954

IRVING PENN Four-Eyed Beauty, New York, c. 1965

Pierre Choiniere

Roland FISCHER, série Moines et moniales, 1984-1987

Daoud Aoulad Siad

Pierre Gonnord, Maria, 2006

Barbara Morgan, Marta Graham Lamentation. 1935

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