Катя Соколова (baerrin) wrote in prophotos_ru,
Катя Соколова

Stewart Weir

серия Sleeping in Japan

Журнал "Black + White Photography", 2010, December
снимки не датированы
думаю, того же года или годом раньше

Salaryman asleep in Ueno Park. He looked dead but wasn't. I don't think he made ithome the previous night as this was shot early in the morning

"Очень много усталых людей, - говорит автор снимков, -
конечно, они спят везде, где только можно, чтобы получить хоть какое-то время на отдых перед тем, как вернуться к работе".

Father and daughter in the park.
It's as if I wear an invisibly cloak.
I assumed the young girl was being looked after by her father. He was too lost in thought to see me

The confidence to get in close and quietly without disturbing is important for this kind of shot.
They didn't know until after I got the shot and were quite happy I did

Man in the sun. A small square block of hot concrete and the ability to sleep anywhere

Hot and humid

Sitting in a car in Tokyo traffic is normal.
The Japanese appear to have more patiense than other nations

It was the texture of the floor and the bubble gum that first attracted me to this image.
His shoe was off, which was odd and made the image even more interesting to me

Asleep while waiting for his train home late in the evening

Late night, empty train.
My most memorable images have always appeared when I least expected them when my day was nearly over

This salaryman found his bench for a lunchtime nap.
And he was only on the bench for 15 minutes

Bike courier asleep

Low night and a mowing train with no room to breath, early morning on the Tokyo Metro.
Everyone closes their eyes, everyone asleep but awake for another day

Leica M6  |  Simmicron 35 mm |  Tri-X
подписи под фотографиями авторские
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