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С Наступающим!

1 день до Нового года. Всех поздравляю! Творческих вам успехов и праздничного настроения.

А для закрепления настроения — коллекция задорных ретро-снегурочек из архива Life :)

Mary Martin, Saucy Santa, 1940

Marilyn Monroe, 1951

Have a Julie Christie Christmas, 1965

Mitzi Gaynor Has Some Gifts for You, 1955

Virginia Welles and Olga San Juan, 1955

Dorothy Granger in a Wreath, 1935

Virginia Gray Plays St. Nick, 1935

The Gift of Irene Delroy, 1930

Joan Crawford and Toys, 1926

Cyd Charisse Perched on the Chimney, 1940s

Jeanne Crain Under the Mistletoe, 1950

Virginia Gray Wonders: Have You Been Good?

Vera-Ellen in 1955: Isn't It Chilly?

Anne Francis Knocks on Your Door, 1955

Diana Dors Brings Holiday Cheer, 1955

British Actress Patricia Plunkett in 1948: Let It Snow!

Liz Taylor Loves a Guy With a Beard, 1955

Cyd Charisse Brings the Brandy, 1946

Turner by the Tree

Источник: Архив Life

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